Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#450 HE-MAN – TORNADO/SPINWIT and QUAKKE/EARTHQUAKE (Ref. 1683 and 1849) (1991)

The next duel of He-Man figures is Tornado / Spinwit vs. Quakke / Earthquake!

These figures belong to the third wave, which is quite rare, although not as much as the fourth wave from 1992, whose figures usually cost around 100 Euros when they’re complete, and much more if they’re mint on card.

The third wave comprised the following figures:

  • Artilla / Weaponstronic (Ref. 1639)
  • Sagitar / Tharkus ["Deluxe Action Figure"] (Ref. 2145)
  • Spinwit / Tornado (Ref. 1683)
  • Tuskador / Insyzor (Ref. 1319)
  • Butthead (Ref. 2026)
  • Quakke / Earthquake (Ref. 1849)
  • Staghorn (Ref. 5804)

Tornado is a very attractive figure with bright colours. It is curious that in this collection all characters from the evil forces have relatively dark colours, while He-Man and friends have brighter colours. In this case, Spinwit/Tornado is orange, blue, pink and yellow and includes grey/silver accessories.

The figure features some “twister”-effect with both arms, and this way it is supposed to be able to fly, a little bit like a helicopter. The description on the cardback says: “Uses his amazing tornado spin to help the inter-galactic forces of good to fight the evil Skeletor”.

The figure came with a three-spiked gun and two wings that could attach to his arms. It is not clear if these wings are attached in one direction or the other. According to the package, the thick part of the wings goes on the shoulders, although the figure looks somehow better the other way.

He-Man New Adventures: Spinwit / Tornado - two variants

Although I have never seen any references to this, there are at least one variant of this figure, which can be easily identified just by looking at the head of the figure. If the head has a uniform colour, the head has been painted, otherwise, it might have some golden/brown patterns. This second version has some details painted in gold while the first figure has these same details in a dark yellow colour.

Quakke is a very heavy figure, with huge arms and legs. It is decorated with dark colours: brown, red, black and includes a black handle with a stone that detaches in 2 parts. The stone fits in that handle, and the figure can hit the ground with it, what produces an Earthquake. The mechanism is located on the back.

Both figure’s mechanisms are very interesting, since they are new to the Masters of the Universe and He-Man toylines. The stone is relatively difficult to find, since it often got lost. It doesn’t fit very well the handle and it doesn’t look like a real accessory.
  • Name: TORNADO/SPINWIT and QUAKKE/EARTHQUAKE (Ref. 1683 and 1849)
  • Toy Line: He-Man (also New Adventures of He-Man) (Wave 3)
  • Year: 1991
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 14 cm

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#449 ROMAN – MOTO FRICCIÓN (V-213) (Around 1979)

This is the third motorbike with friction motor I show made by Román. Román was another classic toymaker settled in Ibi, which had many toys in tin. Motorbikes and cars in several sizes are their most famous and popular toys.

In this case, this is a rather big (23 cm) motorbike with the reference V-213. The same cast was used for different variations:
  • V-210 Police Highway Patrol
  • V-211 Dunlop (race model) (at least two different decorations)
  • V-212 Beppo Big Circus. The pilot is a clown.
  • V-213 Police Dept. (very similar to V-210)

Later a completely black model (without decoration) would be released in a more modern type of box. This model was maybe intended to profit from the TV airing of Street Hawk, the TV series with a motorbike in the style of Knight Rider. In Spain this TV series could be seen for the first time in 1986.
  • Year: Around 1979 (Probably sold during many years)
  • Company: Román (Spain)
  • Size: 23 cm

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#448 MEBETOYS/HOT WHEELS vs. POLISTIL vs. JOAL vs. MERCURY– FERRARI 512S PININFARINA (Ref. 6621, M13, 119 and 66) (1970 and 1971)

This model is in my opinion one of the most impressive prototypes ever made by Ferrari. The car was made for the Turin show of 1969 taking as a base the 512S (which was a race car) prepared by Pininfarina. The designer of this version was Filippo Sapino.

In this case I’d like to compare three models at 1:43 scale (two made in Italy, one made in Spain). A previous entry also talked about the same car in the same scale, but made by Mercury (#256). In that entry I already mentioned that the car was in construction quite similar to the model made by Mebetoys. You can review that old entry and judge yourself.

The interesting thing about these two cars, is that even they are the same scale, they look quite different: the length and the width are different, the windshield has a complete different forms, and the Mebetoys model is flatter than the Polistil one. How can this be? Being the car a prototype, it is very likely that the toy manufacturers never got the real measurements of one of the very few units made, so from photographs the designers tried to make some casts, that are very different among them, since each team had probably photographs taken from different angles, different distances and with different references.

I like all these models very much.

I’d like to start my comments with the Polistil model (red), which is the longest between these two. It has practicable bonnet and cockpit door and has a very impressive simulated motor under the bonnet and also on the chassis. It is also the only model between these two that has some stickers to decorate the sides of the car, and the bonnet is made in black with a red mesh, much more like the real car.

Mebetoys/ HotWheels model (green) is wider and shorter, and has clearly fewer detail than the Polistil model. Apart from practicable bonnet and cockpit door, it also has a practicable trunk (in the front) with a spare wheel inside. The chassis is a bit disappointing, since it has very fewer details, but this is compensated with the lights in/out feature that can be activated by pulling the tab on it.
The rear part of the car is also quite disappointing, because instead of casted, Mebetoys simply applied a sticker with the rearlights and the space for the license plates.
This model was available in blue, yellow (like the real model) or green, and in a later reedition, in red.

The hubcaps are very similar but those from Mebetoys looks better and have a better 3-D effect.
It is one of the models made during the last years of Mebetoys, after they were bought by Hot Wheels, but before they discontinued the Brand.

The Joal model is also based in the Politoys model, so there is not much more to say about it. The stickers are very nice, and the mixed colours in body and Bonnet gives it a strange looking.

The Mercury model, as said before, is unfortunately in a previous entry, so please visit it here, and compare all models together. Mercury seems to have taken as a reference the Mebetoys model, although it is hard to say, I haven't seen all four models together yet.

  • Name: FERRARI 512S PININFARINA (6621, M13, 119, 66)
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Year: 1970 (Mebetoys, Politoys) and 1971 (Joal, Mercury)
  • Company: Mebetoys/Hot Wheels (Italy/ U.S.A.), Politoys (Italy), Mercury (Italy)
  • Size: approx. 9 cm

Sunday, August 17, 2014

#447 STAR WARS – LOGRAY and REE-YEES (1983)

Two more figures that appeared in “The Return of the Jedi” (Episode VI) and that are quite common to find and cheap to buy.

The first figure is Ree-Yees, one of the many aliens that appear for a few seconds in the movie. It is supposed to be one of Jabba’s henchmen. The character in the movie had a great head sculpt, that the figure could not really imitate. The rest of the boy is quite standard except for the big hands. The figure was sold with one golden accesorie that resembles a walking stick, although it is some kind of rifle that doesn’t fit very well its right hand. The rifle in the pictures is a repro one.

The Ewook figure is Logray the medicine man. I cannot really remember if the character had a big role in the movie or a smaller one, but Ewooks are always nice figures. In this case, all accessories are original and in very good shape. They’re made of flexible plastic, and they could harden, but it is not the case.

Two more to my collection. Logray was a gift from my friend Fernando (mismotus.blogspot.com). Many thanks, man!
  • Name: REE-YEES and LOGRAY
  • Toy Line: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  • Year: 1983
  • Company: Kenner (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 11 cms or 3,75’’
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