Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#691 SCALEXTRIC – LANCIA STRATOS (Ref. 4055) (1977)


The Lancia Stratos was first introduced by Scalextric in 1977, and was available in four colours: red, yellow, green and white with reference 4055, that is the car I am showing here today, although I have the white one also (I need to take more pictures, so this entry will be updated soon).

Among these first four, there were two types of stickers: “Alitalia” (RN: 5 or 8) or “Marlboro” (RN: 3 or 6). They are slightly different, so for not-trained eyed, they may look the same. Interestingly, there are cars with stickers and other with decals, while some parts are directly painted on the body. Note the "Marlboro" on top, plus the white triangle on the front are painted, with the sides are either stickers or decals.

First the version with decals, which is pressumably older:

Ad then, the second version with stickers:

This model is quite small compared with other cars, but the scale is still 1:32. I guess the real car was also quite small. However it is a bit “tall”, and this makes it difficult to drive.

Unlike other models, the Lancia was only re-released one time during the 80s, and it was in 1982. The new model was made in black and is known as “LePoint”. This one is much rarer than the ones from 1977, and carried reference 4065 and race number 7.

I also have the box for this model, and as I curious note, you can see the price tag marking 869 pesetas. That is approximately 5,22 Euros, which at the time was a lot of money. The box belongs to the version with decals.

The model has been more or less forgotten for almost twenty years until Altaya decided to re-release them in their kiosk collectables. I have already shown two beautiful models from 2001 (see entry: #480) and 2005 (see #562).

Apart from these two, there are two more from 2003 and 2006, and I guess it must be one of the next models to enter the “vintage” series.
  • Name: LANCIA STRATOS (Ref. 4055)
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Year: 1977
  • Company: Scalextric Exin (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 12 cm

Sunday, June 19, 2016

#690 G.I. JOE – BIG BEAR and FLAK VIPER (1992)

Among the newest series (most people consider “newest” the series from 1991 to 1994) there are a few figures that tower above the rest. These las classic series are considered by many to be very futuristic and cartoonish, with plenty of oversized weapons and neon coloured characters.

Big Bear is one of the exceptions here. The character belong to the “Oktober Guard”, the communist Russia’s counterpart to G.I.Joe. In some comic books, they teamed up with G.I.Joe, and made up great stories. These comics are also considered to be among the best in the whole history of G.I.Joe comics. One year earlier there was another Oktober Guard figure released: Red Star. After Big Bear, a bunch of other cool figures were released, but all of them in 1998 onwards.

The figure wears a green uniform and the typical Russian hat, and includes very cool weapons. It also includes the missile launcher (as every other figure from 1991 or 1992 on).

The second figure today is also appretiated among collectors, and is some anti-aircraft soldier from Cobra. The figure has a green, grey and blue uniform (which not everybody likes) although a second version was worse with pinkish red instead of blue. The weapons are slightly oversized, but the rifle is nice. Personally, I like this figure, its concept and even the double rocket launcher that is also a backpack.

  • Toy Line: G.I. Joe (Wave 11)
  • Year: 1992
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 9,5 cm (3 3/4'')

Thursday, June 16, 2016


This Micromasters squad comprises 4 “Hot Rod” cars. This type of cars are really interesting, I am curious about them, since I never saw any. I guess it is something you can just find in America.

The four small robots are (left to right) Big Daddy, Trip-Up, Greaser and Hubs. As you notice fom the pictures, I have the card and three of these Micromasters are still attached to the card inside the blister, while one was removed by its previous owner. I bought first the card with the three cars at a flea market, and then I found the fourth robot on eBay. It took me a while to complete this squad.

It is also the first 1990 Micromaster’s patrol I complete. Previously I showed sets fom 1989 an 1988, but those from 1990 are somehow more scarce and also more fragile, since they contain small parts (for example propellers, tow hooks, tank guns…) which are easily lost. Finding the other sets complete is usually a difficult task (considering you are not willing to pay a lot of money, of course). Notice the other two squads depicted at the back card.

And this time, I do not have to copy/paste the filecard of the robot patrol, because I can publish a picture instead. I always like that Hasbro/Takara included “how good” each character was in different categories, like speed, intelligence and so on. I like even more, when that data is somewhat hidden and you need a piece of red transparent plastic to read the stats. In this case you can read it plain, and has not such a high impact as the “secret” stats.

  • Toy Line: TRANSFORMERS (G1)
  • Year: 1990
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: Around 5 cm

Monday, June 13, 2016


The Ultrafast series, as explained several times already, is the “standard” series from Micro Machines, that is, the cars that did not have any specific feature. In general, these collections comprise 5 cars (or other vehicles) each, except in case these are bigger vehicles (for example the limousines).
I decided to open a new entry for the collections from 1988. Entry #128 dealt with collections from 1989. In several consecutive years, some collections were repeated (same cars), but using different colours. The same model could also be part of more than one collection, so, normally, each car was available in several colours and several collections.

The collection shown in this entry is:
#21 Hot Bikes

This entry will be updated as I get to complete other Ultrafast Collections from 1988.

  • Name: Micromachines Ultrafast Collection #21 (Hot Bikes)
  • Scale of the cars: 1:150 aprox.
  • Year: 1988
  • Company: Galoob (U.S.A.)
  • Size: approx. 3 cm

Friday, June 10, 2016

#687 POLISTIL – FERRARI 308 GTB (RN8) and LANCIA BETA (RN14) (1982)

Polistil did not only pay attention to the Formula 1 world, they were also interested in other motor competitions like Sport Prototypes (we will see an entry dedicated to this soon) and also Rally… especially if there are Italian cars or drivers involved. Both are made in 1:64 scale.

In this entry I am presenting two cars: a Ferrari and a Lancia Beta. Both are really impressive cars, and the Beta is one of my favorite rally cars of all times, although the evolution 037 was even more impressive.

To my knowledge is the only maker to make this model with rally decorations. Majorette had the Beta Montecarlo, but it looks slightly different, without the front and rear spoilers.

Regarding the Ferrari 308 GTB, I have to say it is an even rare model. I first thought it was a Porsche 935 and there was some error in the base, but apparently there was such a preparation for rally of the 308 GTB. In the “standard” version, the car looks very different, and there are several rally versions that resemble much more the standard model. I couldn’t even find a picture of the real car, so it must be really really rare, maybe a one-time car prepared for some competition, that was chosen by Polistil by chance.

  • Name: FERRARI 308 GTB and Lancia Beta (RN8 and RN14)
  • Scale: approx. 1:64
  • Year: Around 1982
  • Company: Polistil (Italy)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#686 MIRA – SEAT 131E and 128-3P (Ref. 148 and 151) (Around 1978)

These two Miras are two examples of the finest Spanish die-cast from the early 80s. They remind a little bit of the Schuco modell cars, only in a slightly larger scale. I have shown other models in past entries, but today I will focus on these two Seats.

One of them is a Seat 131-E, a model which has been shown several times in this blog because it is one of my favorite cars of all times and I have it several times from several manufacturers.

The other one is the 70s and 80s sports coupé by Seat, the 128-3P (3P comes from "3 doors"). The model is also extremely beatiful. At the time it was a real eye-catcher, probably it was very expensive compared to other vehicles, and was sold in small numbers.

  • Name: SEAT 131E and 128-3P (Ref. 148 and 151)
  • Scale: Approx. 1:64
  • Year: Around 1978
  • Company: Mira (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 6 cm

Saturday, June 4, 2016


I don’t know if you, MOTU collector, had access as a kid to all the cartoons, comic books and stuff. I personally didn’t, so the concept of the Snake Men was a bit strange to me. One of my first figures was Kobra Khan, who is himself a Snake Man and a friend of Skeletor, so when more Snake Men were made I was a bit confused. Who are they? Are they friends of Skeletor or not? Sometimes the concept of having more than two factions (good guys vs. bad guys) can be a bit confusing.

I got only Rattlor as a kid, and it was one of my favorite figures, because it had the coolest feature among all I had. Of course I knew the rest from the catalogues, and like also King Hiss very much.

Later, I knew that the Snake Men are kind of evil race that tried to conquer Eternia and failed. They made the Snake Mountain, and during war with Eternia, they were set away to a kind of parallel universe, where they were trapped. According to the story Kobra Khan remained in Eternia, and, when Skeletor later freed King Hiss, he was some kind of link between both leaders. They of course soon agree to destroy He-Man and take over Eternia. They free the rest of the Snake Men and prepare for the fight, release the Eternia towers (yes, the same from the huge Playset) from the earth (they were buried). Of course He-Man will succeed, but there are lots of fun in the process.

These two figures today are King Hiss and Tung Lashor. I like the feature from the first one, that comes with a second, human-like skin that reveals its true nature. The figure came with the classic Snake Men staff in green and a red shield, which is rare to find.

From Tung Lashor I love its design, The head resembles a toad, the hands are very peculiar and its feature is also not bad… This figure came with the same staff in purple and some kind of insect crossbow.

Two great figures!
Another entry in this blog dealt with Snake Face (check here: #289).
  • Name: KING HISS (Ref. 2420) and TUNG LASHOR (Ref. 2331)
  • Toy Line: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Wave 5)
  • Year: 1986
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: Around 10 cm
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